Working with Double Exposure on their shoot with Audi Poole, we captured all of the behind the scenes content and a promotional teaser video for the newly stocked Audi R8.

Audi Poole – Shoot 4

We wanted to capture the R8’s raw lines and to have it lurking in the darkness. We achieved the look by lighting the top of the R8, with a Bowens CREO SL130 Strip Light. We then used the R8’s bright L.E.D headlights and brake lights to light the rest of the scene, to bring down the exposure of the headlights we used an inverted graded ND.

C100 Mkii Audi R8
Audi Poole – iPhone 2

Using the Canon C100 MkII Paired with Zeiss Planar’s we managed to achieve beautiful low-light colour reproduction.

Audi Poole – Shoot

Because of the busy shooting day we only had 45 minutes to set up and shoot the promo shot.

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