This is one of our favourite slots in our calendar.

As you may have guessed, the premise is to look at video content that has inspired us – it’s something we’ve been doing for a long time, but thought we’d share it.

We sit down as a team every Friday afternoon and each show a video of our choice. There is no restriction on the size or budget, it could be a students final year piece, or the latest advert from Honda – the point is to keep the material diverse.

We then discuss each one, focusing on the following significant points:

  • What’s the idea and story behind the piece?
  • How does the idea relate to the purpose.
  • What are the technical elements of the production? and how have they gone about producing it?
  • How does the video assist the beneficiary/client?
  • Does it do the job i.e. sell the product/service?
  • Our emotive responses.

If you’re thinking of doing some video work, you might want to consider these points : )

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