Yesterday, we bought an iPad for the company, from the Bristol Cabot Circus store. We bought the iPad so that we had something to take with us for proposal meetings. We opted for the iPad Pro (the 12 inch version obviously, the smaller 9 inch is tiny, looks like an iPad mini). Anyway, on the way out, I had a quick play with the Zeiss ExoLens’, and at £200 a lens (they’re prime lenses, so that’s £200 for a telephoto, then an extra £200 for a wide angle), I was hoping for some great results.

Ofcourse the iPhone and it’s internal lens is still taking the photograph too, so we can’t expect a huge increase in quality, more just the angle.

I’m using the iPhone 6 here, and stood in the same place on all of the shots.

This video shows the difference between the normal iPhone camera, the Zeiss telephoto, and the Zeiss wide angle – all within video mode in the iPhone 6. Ofcourse in video mode it’s much more cropped than it is in photo mode.

The weight is noticeable when holding it in your palm, but really not a problem when comparing it to a larger camera. The lenses are small and easy to carry. Although I had no problem screwing the lens onto the mount, I think it’s a shame there’s no easier “one click” system (similar to how DSLR lenses attach), or some sort of easy release. The threaded screw ons might be a bit difficult when you’re out and about – especially if you’re at a concert or a festival or something.

When taking pictures, it’s difficult to say if there’s been any image deterioration. It really doesn’t look like there is, and why should there be?! These are reasonably pricey Zeiss lenses, and definitely not your “£15 clip on lenses” you get on eBay. I’ve uploaded them in a high resolution if you’d like to take a look (note these are straight off the iPhone with no image control on them at all).

Note on the wide angle shot below, can’t see any barrel distortion, which is very nice to see!

All images taken from the same spot.

Normal – (no Zeiss lens)

With Zeiss Telephoto

With Zeiss Wide Angle

Also, just so you know what they look like…


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