We create explainer videos  / walkthrough videos for a wide variety of uses. Whether it’s to explain how to use an iOS application for your new product or service, our Bristol based video company can make a video in a format to suit your business.

We help to translate complicated ideas into easy to understand videos that engage with your target audiences. We can translate your complicated processes from written text into dynamic, relatable short films. After all, these films are designed to entertain, inform and connect with your audience.



Explainer videos are usually targeted at either your existing customers, or customers that are new to your product or service. It’s easy to get explainer videos and animated promotional videos a bit mixed up, because the line between them can blur a little bit. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what banner we put the video under – what matters, is that we create the video that fits it’s purpose.

Style (animation or screen capture)

This is always a small hurdle we run up to when producing explainer videos, and the answer is always different for each project, and often comes down to budget. In the case when the video is about an app or piece of software, the question is about how much do we make the video match the product we’re explaining. Do we produce something that exactly replicates the UI of the application? Or do we design an explainer video that sells the benefits of the application without it being a click for click replica? They both work well in their own ways, and it’s these questions we’ll always go over with the client before production of an explainer video.

Voiceover / Presenter

The voiceover in an explainer video sets the tone for the video, and it’s important because the voice will represent your brand. Consider whether you’d use a male or female voiceover, and what age group you should use – reference videos/voices are always very useful (but please no more Stephen Fry references, we’ve had a lot of those). We can provide a number of voiceover choices based on the brief, and we ensure it’s recorded professionally in a studio.

Movem Explainer Videos - 2d Animation House on a Hill


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Attention spans

Explainer Videos need to be concise and easy to understand – making them too long and confusing will result in wondering minds, and lost interest. Ok so maybe you’ve got a lot to say, consider breaking up the explainer video into smaller chunks or chapters – just make sure you split them effectively, and consider which segment of your audience will want which chapters, when.

Kube’s production team use motion graphics, immersive visuals, animated typography, high quality sound design to communicate complicated issues in a way that is easy to understand.


Self help saves you money

Companies have been investing in animated explainer videos that help customers do something on a website, or in an app – it could be something simple like ‘how to change your email preferences’ or ‘ how to change your payment information’, but they’re super useful non-the-less. These would be short (5-15 second) videos, that save the customer from phoning customer services for help, and therefore saving the company money.

When in doubt, create a series

Maybe you have an awful lot to say, don’t cram it into 1 video, split it into smaller chunks. It’s more manageable, and for a viewer much easier to navigate. You’d be surprised how people might prefer to watch 5 x 1 minute videos rather than 1 x 5 minute video.


Search engines like Google, and Bing, LOVE video content. You’re more than 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google with key search terms. This will create more exposure, and more link to your content.

Social Media is everything, everywhere

Explainer videos are great on social media. You can either sponsor your explainer video, and use it to market your product. Or you could release a series of shorter explainer videos over a number of weeks with a campaign. This will help create new followers, and help make your brand create more value.

My PT HUB Explainer Videos - UI Screen Grab Square
Explainer Videos helping to boost SEO


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As a top explainer video production company in Bristol, Kube Productions produce explainer videos for commercial and corporate clients in a number of ways. These can be summarised as whiteboard animations, 2D infographic based videos, website navigation videos, and animated explainers.


My PT Hub App - Explainer Videos - Video services bristol

My PT Hub - App Explainer Videos

After producing a promotional video for My PT Hub in 2015, they came to us to produce a rebooted animation that includes their new features. Our clients expressed their new use of colour, and also the style of animation they’d like. This included heavy inspiration from Google Material design.

Movem 2.5d animation - Animation Videos - Video services bristol

Movem - Service Explainer Videos

Movem needed a simple animation that answered the question, ‘What is Movem and how does it help me? As the video was targeted to the student demographic it needed to be short, punchy and get the message across in under 40 seconds.


Naim - Uniti Core - Studio Shoot - Setup guides

Naim Audio - Setup Guide

How-To Videos are targeted at users who have already bought a product, and would like to know how to do something. This could be how to setup your new amplifier, or how-to create an account on your new downloaded application. With the Naim Audio Uniti Core Setup guide, we revolutionised their ‘how-to’ video content, and they were so pleased with how we produced them.

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