Promotional videos are a great way to interest a potential client, we make sure that they have a clear message designed to target your specific audience. Promotional videos should be visually engaging, effective and make a lasting impact.


From our production base at Spike Island, in Bristol, we plan and build your video project from the ground up. There of course, is a bit of process to this…

1. Planning

Finding the reason why you want video content is important, this includes looking deeper into your marketing objectives. The outcome of these initial meetings and discussions will largely affect the contents of our treatments and proposals.

2. Production

This is where the magic happens – the visions outlined in our treatment go into production. This could include test shoots and more specific colour storyboarding. This is everything location shooting, studio shooting, video editing, colour grading, animating and revisions! This is about producing something memorable, that’s visually slick and effective.

3. Delivery

Time to wow your target audience with your new promotional video. We can help you deliver the video to your audience – if you lack technical knowledge, we can help offer advice when it comes to taking full advantage of your video. This could include technical advice, or strategy advice when reaching out to your market.

More people are watching online content that ever before, and targeted marketing is being used by more and more companies to ensure the right people are watching your promotional videos.

Promotional Videos being filmed with kessler cineslider
Marketing Videos being watched on laptop


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 13.58.47

Pro Studio Hire - Studio Promo Video

Andy Cahill, came to us because he wanted to show off his studio hire facilities through the use of a promotional video. It was key to Andy that as soon as potential clients visit his website, they are immediately drawn in by the studio space and breadth of equipment. After discussing a few different ideas we finally decided on doing a dolly shot that would show the cove in use.

Man sitting on stool - Advertising Videos - Video services bristol

eBay - Seller Portrait

eBay wanted to uncover the inspiring stories that make up the most interesting eBay sellers in the UK. We searched through eBay for unique products and found 101 Furniture; a company selling hand crafted furniture. Meet the founders Jamie and David to find out more.

Aim Altitude - Creative Corporate film - Event Stand

AIM Altitude - Concept to Creation

AIM Altitude, a worldwide cabin interiors company, needed a way to tell the story of their full production, from concept to creation. They wanted to use more visual content for their stand at Hamburg Airshow, and thought a creative film would be ideal to display on their event stand. This was a 13 shoot film, and ran over a number of months.


MyPTHub – Overview Video.00_01_35_19.Still016

My PT Hub

Although we’ve labelled this video an ‘Explainer Video‘, you could argue it also promotes the application massively too, making it a bit of a ‘promotional explainer video’. We’ve done our best to categorise our videos, but the lines always blur.

Anyway, take a look at this project for My PT Hub if you’re interested in animated promotional videos.

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