Youtube has become the worlds second largest search engine with over 4 Billion videos viewed each day. High quality engaging video content has the potential to be seen by millions of people worldwide. We know what content is engaged with by the mass markets and what content is avoided. Our video content is developed so that it is watched by your audience.


When thinking about your social media videos, it’s important to be aware of the various production routes you can go down. The route will vary considerably depending on a number of factors such as the budget, style of content and quantity. So make sure you consider the following points when creating content designed for social media:


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The Device

Most social media videos are watched on a mobile or tablet computer so the content has to be filmed or animated in a way that allows for it to be easily viewable on a smaller screen.  Audio has to also be taken into consideration with the final mix being tailored to sound good on a stereo and also suit headphones or mobiles phones speaker. Increasingly, we’re also seeing fewer people watching videos on social media with any sound at all, and instead opting to read subtitles instead – this is often because the user is in a space where they don’t feel comfortable playing the audio out loud.


It’s important that the message of the video is concise and effective. Social media have videos have such a high audience drop off rate, that if you don’t get their attention within the first few seconds, they scroll onto the next post. Above all though, the content must be good – people will invest their time if they see it to be worthwhile.

Style and production

With social media videos the idea is as important as the production quality, we develop ideas based on your brief, and then choose the best way for the videos to be produced. More and more with social media, we’re seeing a rise in content that could be written in a post, but instead, is text overlaying video images – they’re cheap to produce, and they’re more engaging for an audience.

social media videos for Spike Design


Movem Hallway Bad After Visual FX

Movem - Social Media Marketing Videos

Movem approached us to produce a series of advertisements that could be used on social media. Publicising the brand and integrating the message of helping students was a key aspect of the project. Since Movem is built to solve the problem of poor quality housing, something that really resonated with us was the idea of comparing a good and bad student property, in the most extreme cases.

Movem - Raider

This was a fantastic project to produce for one of our favourite clients, Movem. We saw an opportunity to produce a short mockumentary with the internet famous ‘Wealdstone Raider’, and boy did it pay off. The engagement figures were high, attracting hundreds of people to Movem’s website with friends tagging each other and commenting “Always wondered what happened to the raider…”

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