At Kube Productions we manage every aspect of video advertising from our production base in Bristol, UK. Creating a great advert is about having a being as memorable as possible, and we as including useful information. They should also not confuse the viewer, and should provide information quickly and succinctly, with a clear call to action.

We can work with you in any capacity, even if you already have your campaign figured out, and you know exactly what you’d like created.


Sometimes this bit is already done internally, and you have a good idea of what you’re looking for. We start by going through your companies objectives, targets and goals. From this, and our initial discussions, we’ll build a more solid idea of what it is your video advertising could contain. Often, we’ll actually pitch a few different ideas, and explain the benefits of each of them.


Once you’re happy with one of our treatments for your video advertising, and we’ve been given the go-ahead, we’ll start the planning process. This involves the specifics of the project, like finding the people to who’ll be in the video, whether they’re actors or staff at your company. It involved dates, deadlines and budgets – as well as location scouting, and kit arrangements. More often than not, we’ll use our range of in-house kit, but sometimes a shoot will require unique rigging or camera setups. See our blog post on our overhead slider for an example of a shot that required a custom setup.


Planning turns into action… and so the production begins! This is where all our storyboards, visions of this creation start to get captured. This could be filming, animation, or even both depending on the project. It’s often a few days filming, and bit of animation, either as overlays, or at the end of the ad. We have strong studio relationships around the UK that ensure we can deliver efficiently, and to a high quality.

David Morgan Jones DOP on set of Dimplex shoot for video advertising series


As much as we love the “wow factor” on a final delivery, it’s definitely necessary to show the client an offline edit before we go into image control (we consider image control to be colour grading, stabilisation, special effects etc). Once we have a signed off Offline Edit, we’ll start all appropriate image control and audio work. Once we’re finished with the online edit, we’ll deliver a sparkly clean version of your video advertising, so that you can deliver it to your audience.


There’s a huge number of ways to advertise your business infront of your audience, and it’s changed so much over the years. Here are just a number of ways to deliver video advertising content:

Television Commercial

Television commercials are still a very popular way of video advertising for your business or promotions – simply because they are still very effective. And with an increasing number of people switching over to web advertising, the cost isn’t quite as high as it used to be (varies depending on the slot, and channel of course)


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Web Advertising (Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp)

By far becoming a popular option to advertise your product or service is Web advertising – after all, your audience is more than likely using the internet. There’s so many ways to advertise on the web, I really can’t summarise them in this little paragraph, but one of the most popular with or clients has been Youtube advertising through a campaign, and also boosting their video content on Facebook. See our project with Movem, where they engaged with their audience.

Vicky from Dead Good in Spike Design Brand Videos

Billboard Advertising

They’re bright, big, and eye catching. Billboard advertising has remained a popular option because of the unique, and clever video advertising opportunities you get with billboards. Some of the cleverest we’ve seen have interacted with the scene around it. For example, this fantastic billboard campaign from British Airways where a child points out the flights above him.

Throughout the process we collaborate with you to get your message across in a memorable and enjoyable way. Video advertising is still very important for a business, and is a great way to get your product or service into millions of homes.

We use a range of cinema quality equipment to ensure that your adverts look the best they can, on all available platforms.


ElRhey Colour Me Wellies beach walking

el RHEY – Brand Advert

el RHEY required a promotional video to assist with the launch of the new ColourMe Wellies range. They believed in the importance of encouraging creativity in children during early stages of development. The colour-in wellies are a fun way to encourage creativity.

Creative Video Film Animation Agency Bristol

Dimplex Fireplaces - Set Builds

We were commissioned to capture a number of shots of each fireplace, rather than produce the full videos. We were not at all involved in the final delivery of the clips (although we did do the colour grade, and the edit on the video). We wanted to capture flowing shots of the fireplaces in their natural install environments, cutting between wider generalised shots and more detailed shots of the fireplaces.

Movem Hallway Bad After Visual FX

Movem - Social Media Marketing Videos

Movem approached us to produce a series of advertisements that could be used on social media. Publicising the brand and integrating the message of helping students was a key aspect of the project. Since Movem is built to solve the problem of poor quality housing, something that really resonated with us was the idea of comparing a good and bad student property, in the most extreme cases.

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