Kube Productions have delivered animation videos for global clients, including motion graphics and visualisations in broadcast, online and mobile media. Animation can bring information to life in ways that your conventional film production is unable to, and our animators are here to provide their skills in delivering your message through their creative visual minds.

We incorporate your brand message into your video production so that you can grab the attention of your audience.


Choosing your animation style and look is important when creating your animation videos. It represents your brand, your image, and your key marketing message – so make sure to talk to us about the different options here, because there are so many routes to go down (we talk about a few visual styles below). We like to agree a style before the project, and for this we’d use reference images or videos.


Where will the story come from? And if you’d like to use a voiceover, how much will the voice be relying on the visuals to narrate the video – will the voice be supporting the visuals, or will the visuals be supporting the voice? Depending on what you’re using the animation video for, you might want to consider a purely visual narrative without a voiceover, as in some cases, this has actually shown to be more engaging for viewers.


Animated text is often used to emphasise key words or phrases, which can be really useful when you want the viewer to remember certain messages or statistics. We make sure to keep any text incorporated within the style of the other visuals, which is great for our animators, as it allows complete creative freedom in animation transition techniques for the wording – this could involve twisting, spinning, popping or sizzling.


The voiceover in your animation videos is often overlooked in other productions. At Kube, we value the decision in the right voiceover – it sets the tone of the video, and should be chosen with care. As well as the right voice, you should also pay close attention to the delivery and performance of the voice, as this can massively affect the messaging in the video. We use the very best in sound engineers to record the VO’s, as well as produce the sound effects for the animation – which also, should never be overlooked.
The audio is just as important as the visuals

Cartoon being draw by hand with technical dimensions for use in animation videos
Bomo Audio sound production facilities used to create the sound effects in our animation videos


My PT Hub App - Explainer Videos - Video services bristol

My PT Hub - App Explainer Videos

After producing a promotional video for My PT Hub in 2015, they came to us to produce a rebooted animation that includes their new features. Our clients expressed their new use of colour, and also the style of animation they’d like. This included heavy inspiration from Google Material design.


PTS - Animated Explainer Video

PTS required a short video to explain who they are and how their services help companies. We wanted the video to look like a mix between a traditional paper cutout stop animation, and a computer generated 2.5D animation – this included integrating the use of 3D elements and shadowing.


Consider how you want your animations video produced, there are a few different styles that you should consider.

2D Animation

This is where animation is carried on the X and Y axis’ only, it often doesn’t include any shading, and the animation style if completely open for the animator. It’s very common in explainer videos.

2.5D Animation

This is effectively 2D animation, just with layering in a 3D space. Imagine it’s a bit like a puppet show with flat pieces of paper – they’re 2D layers, in a 3D space. This style has to bring an element of shading into it, because without shading, there can be no perspective.

3D Animation

3D Animation fully encompasses the X, Y and Z axis. It is often referred to as CGI (computer generated imagery), and has much more depth than traditional 2D animations, and looks much more realistic.

Live Action animation

This is the old school way of producing animation videos, it’s where our modern computer animation has originated from. It involves building the characters/content in real life, and taking an image one at a time to produce movement. It’s probably one of the more timely ways of animating, but can look amazing when used in the right way.

After Effects screen shot of a 3d perspective on a 2.5d animation video
live action animation of a hot dog in a frying pan for use in a animation video

Remember animation isn’t quite so black and white as it is above – there’s a number of creative ways we can incorporate a mix of these depending on your project.

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