Brand Videos help people fall in love with a company, it needs to show the characteristics that makes a brand so special. It will give your business greater reach, and much higher levels of interactions with your market. With the right brand content strategy, and a great video execution, brand videos will help define a company.


THE buzzword in marketing these days, is storytelling. There are lots of examples to prove how effective it can be when used correctly by corporate businesses. Especially, in the modern day, winning in the marketing game is all about connecting with your audience, and effective storytelling through brand videos has proven to be one of the best ways to do it.

Storytelling gives the viewer emotion, and it’s the emotion and attachment to story, is what sells to a viewer.

ElRhey Wellies brand video



In the early stages, we want to find out who are we targeting in your brand videos? and what are their interests or dislikes? We might also look at your competitors, and try to understand why they have shaped their marketing activity the way they have – what can we do differently to help your company stand out from the crowd?

Story Outlines

Using our research, and our early meetings, we’ll concept some initial ideas. Coming up with a story that will engage your audience must be grabbing from the start of the project. The emotive connection that the viewer will feel when watching the film should be established in these early proposals.


A treatment will outline the story of the proposed film; it will also talk about visual styles and other creative direction. In some cases, we’ll provide a range of treatments depending on specific client requirements. At this point, we’d sign off on a proposal for the project, and move forward with script development.

Vicky from Dead Good in Spike Design Brand Videos
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Script Development

Based on the chosen treatment by the client, we’ll develop the story, and build a more solid script. This often requires a bit of back and forth for the client, until a script or storyboard is signed off on.


This is largely paired with the script development, often building visuals as we’re writing the script. Storyboarding is crucial for the pre-production, it provides a target visual for each shot. These images can then be discussed to ensure the story is being told the best way it can be.

Cartoon Ice Cream Truck Story Board Brand videos


Pro Studio Hire - Studio Promo Video

Andy Cahill, came to us because he wanted to show off his studio hire facilities through the use of a promotional video. It was key to Andy that as soon as potential clients visit his website, they are immediately drawn in by the studio space and breadth of equipment. After discussing a few different ideas we finally decided on doing a dolly shot that would show the cove in use.

ElRhey Colour Me Wellies beach walking

El RHEY – Brand Videos

el RHEY required a promotional video to assist with the launch of the new ColourMe Wellies range. They believed in the importance of encouraging creativity in children during early stages of development. The colour-in wellies are a fun way to encourage creativity.

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