Based in Bristol, Kube Productions are here to take care of your corporate B2B communication through corporate videos for your global clients. All our projects, no mater the size, are designed from the ground up to successfully engage your audience through compelling visuals, and relatable images – whilst always remembering your businesses core values and principles.


1. Defining corporate videos

Corporate Videos are effectively a video that’s produced for a company – examples can vary with anything from promotional or brand films, through to internal training videos. It isn’t always a talking head in a suit (as so many people seem to think!). They can be creative, clever and imaginative. See how we re-defined corporate videos when we produced this film for a cabins interior company, AIM Altitude. Even AIM Altitude weren’t quite expecting what we pitched, but they didn’t want to do anything else once they heard it.

Man Walking through air hanger - Corporate Videos - Video services bristol

2. Should we get an animation or a filmed video?

Often this decision is made too early. It should really be decided after discussing the company’s objectives for the video. Animation videos are really popular at the moment – they’re often wanted by companies who might have a solely web/app based product, as they’re a really effective way of bring a static product to life (see our project with My PT Hub for an example of this). At the same time, if you’ve got access to something which could look really great if filmed correctly, filmed corporate videos could be a good choice for your video. Sometimes, it’s a case of mixing both animation and filmed content – again, it’s all down to the goals and objectives of each individual project.

3. Your Audience

Who’s going to watch your corporate videos? And where will they be? These are key questions to answer when considering how to produce your video. People in different ages groups, and industries work in different ways, and watch video content in different ways. For example, if you’re marketing your video on Facebook during work hours, and you’re targeting people in business:- they might not want to be seen watching Facebook during this time, so maybe consider marketing this type of content on LinkedIn, or on Facebook, but in the evening hours.

4. Why should you chose us

At Kube, we have a vast set of skills in Video Production, as well at the strategy in video marketing. It’s this relationship between the two that is crucial for successful corporate videos, and we’ve had lots of experience refining this creative process, and delivering results time after time. We’re the company who can make you not only look good, but also produce content that works for your audience.

Man Walking through air hanger - Corporate Videos - Video services bristol



Video content is being watched more than ever before. The majority of people scrolling through webpages would rather watch videos, than read chunks of text (why do you think we have a big video at the top of this page!). So by using corporate videos,  you’ll make people a lot more aware of your product or service than you would if you used a lot of text. Awareness is the key to people coming back, out of sight, out of mind!


It’s very well people being aware of your product, but don’t you want them to be aware of something good, like a good identity? Corporate videos will help shift your identity to suit more of how you want your company/brand to be remembered. The content of your corporate videos will also have an impression on the viewer regarding the company’s identity – for example, a video about a company’s new environmentally friendly policy will give the company a green identity that will encourage people to work with or buy the product/service.


Including video content on your website is a more user friendly way of communicating, and because of that your website is 50x more likely to rank on the first page of Google if it has video content embedded within it. You’re also much more likely to engage a fist time visitor by using a video.


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Man Walking through air hanger - Corporate Videos - Video services bristol

AIM Altitude - Concept to Creation

AIM Altitude, a worldwide cabin interiors company, needed a way to tell the story of their full production, from concept to completion. They wanted to use more visual content for their stand at Hamburg Airshow, and thought a creative film would be ideal to display on the event stand

NETZSCH UK - Corporate Video

Netzsch are world leaders in the manufacture of Pumps & Systems. They have a number of productions and sales sites across the world, and we visited the UK branch in Dorchester to produce a corporate overview video.

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