Video has become the most effective way of engaging an audience with a product or service. Incorporating a video into your marketing strategy is the ideal way to get your message out to a mass market. We can help craft a video that appeals to your target market and help grow your business further. Being based in Bristol, we have created live action and animated marketing videos for a range of clients across the UK.



The duration of marketing videos varies depending on what the aims and objectives of the video is. There are no rules you have to abide by, there have been equally successful 10 second marketing films, as there have been 10 minute marketing films. The majority of marketing films though, will be somewhere between 1-2 minutes. This is a good duration because it isn’t too much investment of time for the viewer, but is enough time to develop a short story and a brand message.


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This is big part of what we talk about during the early ‘creative brief’ part of the project. Questions like ‘Why are you getting this video created?’ and ‘What’s the purpose of the video?’. These are key questions that will help identify the purpose of the films, which will in-turn, help us develop a message for the video, and also measure their success once they’re launched.


We like to think we produce good looking content. But before we go anywhere near our cameras, or animators, we discuss the limitations of a project. It’s important you have thought about the access we may or may not have to locations or work sites – what sort of hours does this include? and how want staff/resources will need to be provided for the shoot?

Sam Dawson and David Morgan Jones FIlming Marketing Videos


How do you market a marketing video? We’ve seen so many creative approaches to the distribution of video content – this includes projecting on buildings to convey a message, and also sending physical video cards to companies. Most of the time though, people like to distribute their marketing videos through social media. Social media has the highest footfall by far, although it does have a lot of noise. We’d consider your target audience for the video, so that you can build the video successfully into your marketing campaign.

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wealdstone raider - Social Media Videos - Video services bristol

Movem - The Wealdstone Raider

This was a fantastic project to produce for one of our favourite clients, Movem. We saw an opportunity to produce a short mockumentary with the internet famous ‘Wealdstone Raider’, and boy did it pay off. The engagement figures were high, attracting hundreds of people to Movem’s website with friends tagging each other and commenting “Always wondered what happened to the raider…”


eBay - Seller Success Stories

eBay wanted to uncover the inspiring stories that make up the most interesting eBay sellers in the UK. We searched through eBay for unique products and found 101 Furniture; a company selling hand crafted furniture. Meet the founders Jamie and David to find out more.

Movem Bad Cereal After Visual FX

Movem - Social Media Marketing Videos

Movem approached us to produce a series of advertisements that could be used on social media. Publicising the brand and integrating the message of helping students was a key aspect of the project. Since Movem is built to solve the problem of poor quality housing, something that really resonated with us was the idea of comparing a good and bad student property, in the most extreme cases.



Marketing videos are all about story, and establishing an early relationship with your audience. We’ve found that the best way to do that is through character and story telling. Our brains are so much more receptive to story, as opposed to statistics that don’t make any sense. That’s why we think building strong characters and stories in a marketing film is vital in it being a well received marketing video.

Remember a character doesn’t have to be a person, it can still be a brand or a product.


A marketing film is usually most effective on social media, particularly when you kick start the reach by spending some money on the sponsorship of the video. They’re eye grabbing, and full of character as opposed to a generic video with too much content. They’re the perfect videos for getting people interested in your product/service.


There are endless possibilities with marketing videos. So many roads to go down, it’s important to choose the right one that will work most effectively for your company. Visual styles as well as content and delivery. It could be a range of stylistic looks, motion graphics and interesting typography, as well as clever camera techniques, and location shooting!

Kube Top Tips for a Marketing Video:

  • Above all, make sure the message is clear. Every viewer needs to fully understand what the video is saying
  • Don’t close doors too early. You’d be amazed how many options and styles of delivery are available to produce.
  • Avoid over loading the viewer with information, it can get confusing, and actually be damaging for your brand.
  • Use a great soundtrack for your marketing video, it sets the whole vibe for the film, so find one early on!
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