Kube Productions have worked on multiple music videos of varying sizes and budgets. We work with any budget to produce content that creatively stands out. We always develop the idea and reasoning behind the music video before beginning the production. We believe it’s important the different meanings behind the music is embedded in certain nuances in the final video.


Concept and story

This is the most important thing to consider, it’s not your Arri or Cooke Lens’ (as nice as they are), it’s your concept and storytelling. You can have the nicest gear, but if you can’t use it in a way that will effectively engage an audience, it’s worthless. Be sure to put in lots of time, researching, getting inspired, and also listening to the song too! What’s the song about, and how can this music video enhance the story the artist is trying to tell.

Style of artist

Being aware of and considering the current style of the artist is important for a few reasons. Are you looking to continue the artists style, or do you want people to see a new side to the artist? These are answers that almost always come from the artist and their management. We’d often develop some creative ideas we might have that we could incorporate, but these are pitched once we’ve had a brief, and some reference videos from the artist or management.

DD Allen Music Videos - Hand on Guitar Neck

Working with what you can

It’s always very useful when you have enough budget to chose through a range of locations – there are some amazing places to film in the UK (and likewise around the world), but depending on the budget, you’re sometimes left to work with what you have access to. As a collective, you’d be amazed with the ideas and ways of shooting that is possible without shooting in a £10,000/day location. It goes back to story and concept, we’ve seen some amazing music videos that were shot in one basic location.

The Edge

Every music video needs an edge, something that makes it pop. It could be an overlayed animation effect, or even a style of movement. Sometimes you have to force an edge out of a shoot in the edit, if maybe the location isn’t as interesting as it could be. It can be tricky, but a talented director will know weeks before the shoot, how to find the edge for the music video.


The crew working on a music video must work well with each other. We believe that the experience the crew have had together will largely contribute to the quality of the music video – it might be directly obvious, but efficiency and mood on set is so important in making people feel valued and relaxed enough that they can deliver their best work. Our Director and DOP have been working together since they were teenagers, and have developed a working relationship that produces great music videos.


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Lyric Videos

Lyric Video are something that have developed a lot in the recent years, they’re really becoming something that builds a considerable amount of hype before the main music video. They used to just include animated lyrics with visuals, but more recently, artists have actually been featured in the lyric video too – to the point in some cases, the critical reception of the lyric video has actually been better than the music video. Therefore, it’s great to do a music video, but too much narrative, and it might be more appreciated than your music video.


Drew Allen Live music videos multicam 4k blackmagic

DD Allen - Studio Music Videos

Drew Allen is a British singer-songwriter from Bournemouth, Dorset. His management approached us and required two studio-based music videos. We filmed the two music videos, Show Me A Little Mercy and Holborn Avenue over one day of filming.

DD Allen Old Days - Music Videos - Video services bristol

DD Allen - One Shot Music Video

A one shot music video through a scrapyard

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