Teaser videos are used by companies such as Apple in there marketing campaigns regularly. They give the potential end user a hint of the quality aspects of the product or service and gets them pumped for it!

Teaser Videos are usually part of a bigger campaign or project. It’s often we’ll have produced a 1-2 minute video, and the client will ask for some cut down versions too that they will use as teasers on social medias.


Intrigue not mislead

To intrigue the viewer about the upcoming release is the most important attribute for Teaser Videos. You want to try and hint at what’s coming, without being too specific. This could be just 1 shot, or the edge of a product – or in some cases, just a date, or an image. It’s very important to not mislead though; misleading a viewer can only lead to disappointment, and that will not sell your product.


The contents of your teaser video will vary depending on the context of the campaign and your product. Some of the best teaser videos, have had no context and seemed completely random to viewers. It’s only when more teasers are released, and the final product is released, does everything make sense (for example, Beyonce teaser videos around ‘Lemonade’ did exactly this).

Dave on set of Audi Teaser Videos Shoot with C100 on his shoulder
Dave on set of Audi Teaser Videos Shoot with C100


Keep it short and simple. Teaser Videos aren’t meant to be anything too extravagant and over-complicated, they’re meant to leave the viewer a little confused, and wanting more.


Audi R8 in Darkness - Teaser Videos - Video services bristol

Audi R8 Teaser Advert

We captured all of the behind the scenes content and a promotional teaser video for the newly stocked Audi R8. We wanted to capture the R8’s raw lines and to have it lurking in the darkness. We achieved the look by lighting the top of the R8, with a Bowens CREO SL130 Strip Light. We then used the R8’s bright L.E.D headlights and brake lights to light the rest of the scene, to bring down the exposure of the headlights we used an inverted graded ND.

export – pictureHouse

Pro Studio Hire - FlyThrough Teaser

We captured a fly through of Pro Studio Hire’s studio. It involved a number of tenants in the building, and we created a lively atmosphere from the reception area right through to the studio.

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