Training videos are the most effective way of increasing quality, and effective workflow within a company. The great thing about having a training video produced is that the process can be taught exactly the same to each employee with every detail covered in an easy and engaging format. They are a highly cost effective way of training your staff or new employees, particularly in larger companies that are often employing new staff.


Existing materials

Have a look at what you’ve already got, and assess it. Where are the short falls? And why are you getting new training materials produced? Just because it’s old, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless – there may be some key messages in there that still stand.

Know your audience

Your audience is never a single person, so consider the knowledge gap between who you’re showing the Training Video to. You don’t want to school them through the super simple stuff, but at the same time, if there’s a few people there who might not need it, it might be worth mentioning. If you’re looking at quite extreme differences in the knowledge gap of your audience, maybe consider a few different versions.

Engagement in delivery

It’s all well and good sitting your staff down and forcing them to sit through a number of Training Videos – but please don’t make it too dull. There’s no reason why the narrator isn’t a little charismatic, that is easier to listen to. Some of the most successful training videos have had characterful narrators, and they produce the best results because the viewer can relate to so 100x easier than Mr Dull.

Chatter is good

Encouraging discussion is a good thing – asking questions and building conversation in the room will help make your workers feel valued, and also will inspire more thoughts and engagement on the topic. If you’re posting your training videos online, consider a forum to generate conversation.

Producing an effective, quality training video requires a good balance of an informative script, a well paced edit and a great narrator.

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Presenter in our Training Videos
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Netzsch - Tornado Pump Range

This video is something we produced for NETZSCH Pumps and Systems back in 2012, but even now we consider it to be a great example. It’s a mix of promotional, explainer and training because it has quite a relaxed informative approach, and this lends itself well to informing the viewer, and therefore promoting it too.

SHARE Museums East

This project was a 6 part series that showed a viewer how to label and mark museum items. With over 12,000 views collectively, the project is considered to be widely successful.

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